Sídlo společnosti GEOREALThe company of GEOREAL Ltd. was established in 1991 by a few specialists having had long-time experiences with land surveying and land registry.  From the very beginning the firm has handled entire land surveying and land registry business and has diversified gradually into real estate broking. Throughout its history the company has enhanced its equipment and primarily human capital in order to be in a position to meet all requirements of no matter how demanding professional works in wide range of geodesy.  Nowadays we have at our disposal the world’s most up-to-date software and hardware technologies intended for  land surveying, photogrammetry and geodetic IT such as products of the companies Bentley, Leica Geosystems, Microsoft Vexcel, BAE Systems, Intergraph, ERDAS, Esri  and many others.

Our website responds to all your inquiries and provides you with contacts for our specialists who will be pleased to give you any detailed information or answer every question concerning various lines in our business portfolio. Our personnel consist of solely well-experienced and well-trained workers who are familiar with entire needs of our customers.  Last but not least our employees are led to keep up and deepen mutual relations within our work team, for we are confident that it reflects on professional outcome and image of our company.


The European development in our business segment had straight impact on professional growth of our company and its capability of carrying out any duties beyond our republic borders where we’ve already achieved to implement many foreign land surveying projects. Our company succeeded in obtaining certification consistent with international quality standards EN ISO 9001:2008,in 2005 certification in consistency with environmental management standards EN 14001:2004.

Cooperation with Academic Spheres

GEOREAL company actively supports cooperation with university environment – collaboration and professional back-up for geodesy (surveying) and geo-informatics majors, it concerns theses elaboration, stints, grant-aided projects and so on. Newly graduates have been admitted as full-time employees.


GEOREAL Ltd.  was founded in 1991 and among its major specialization belonged entire activities in land surveying, Land Registry of the Czech Republic and realty broking. In following years the firm diversified into special geodesy (engineering surveying) and from 1995 we started to acquire first-hand experiences with execution of complete land consolidationand aerial digital photogrammetry. Another significant line of our business is data collection and creation of geographic information systems (GIS) as well as 3D visualization and modelling. Breakpoint in our company’s growth was purchase of terrestrial laser scanner, which enhanced our competence for prompt and high-quality mass data collection. For the purpose of aerial photography surveying and digital data procession by the methods of aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry our company has the use of entire technological line and is able to provide all works in this segment inclusive of securing compatibility with derived applications in specialized lines of work. For the purpose of aerial photography surveying we got hold of airplanes fitted with imagery surveying accessories, entire camera systems including inertial survey and navigation systems used for collecting elements of exterior orientation during flight. All technologies mentioned above are in full possession of our company.

In this business segment which is our major job content the company have established itself and belongs among leaders within not just entire republic but whole Europe.

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